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Was ist American Football ? Der amerikanische Kolumnist Dave Barry erklärt:

"Football is played on a field 100 yards (374 kilometers) long and covered with 'hash marks' to indicate where players have lost their breakfasts.
On either side of the field are the benches, where the 350 players not involved in the game sit and wave to their moms.
Behind each bench is a big plastic jug of Gatorade. The object of the game is to be the first team to dump this on the 'coach,' a very angry man who hates everybody."

Here's what happens:
1. A large player called the "center" squats over the ball, and then the 'quarterdeck' touches him in a way that would get them both executed in the Middle East.
2. All the players run into each other and fall down.
3. Certain players leap to their feet and perform celebratory dances, while referees add to the festivity by hurling brightly colored flags into the air."

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Name: Michael "Coach" Krause
Team: Stuttgart Scorpions
Position: Center

1990 : Jugend Stuttgart Stallions
1991-1992 : Jugend Stuttgart Scorpions
1993-2007 : Stuttgart Scorpions - 1.Mannschaft
2008-heute: Fan

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